Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lettuce Taco Joy

Stressed about needing a taco fix?

Use lettuce instead of a tortilla!

Lettuce Tacos
3-4 Leaves of romaine lettuce folded in half (or lettuce of your choice, just make sure the spine is sturdy)
2-4 oz chicken/beef/turkey (shrimp is 3-5 oz)
Taco Seasoning (packaged mixes often have corn syrup solids or sugar, check before you buy! Or make your own.)
salsa (again, if you don't make your own, make sure to read the label!)
avocado (1/2 or the whole thing depending on how much fat you need)

**Tasty options: sauteed purple cabbage/mushrooms/squash/diced tomatoes
Black beans can go in here if you are following Zone and not paleo, just make sure you are aware of the portion size, 1/4 c is one block of carb.

This meal makes approximately a 2/3/4p-1/2c-3/6f meal depending on how you fill it up.

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