Saturday, August 8, 2009

Grocery Lists

Do you make a grocery list before going shopping? Simple things like making a list and eating before you shop can lessen the chances of you making an impulsive buy.

Coach Jen Cardella shared her grocery list with me this week:

Costco List:

tri tip
baby tomatoes
bell pepper
lots of almond butter
rotisserie chicken

Central Market:

nitrate free, antibiotic free bacon
grape seed oil
chicken breast

One of the things that I hear constantly around the gym in regards to eating is the need for preparation. You must, must, MUST plan ahead and this is where lists become increasingly important. When you are in the grocery store, stay away from the center aisles as much as possible and stick to your list. New to making lists? They aren't so bad, just itemize by store (if you go to more than one like Jen does) and then break it down by produce, meat, oils/seasoning, and non-food items. Voila! You will be thankful that you outlined your choices beforehand.


  1. Dave and I just got home from our Saturday adventures to re-stock our fridge and pantry. We have two lists, too... one for HEB and one for Vitamin Cottage. The HEB produce list is further divided into organic and conventional. I have to admit, there's a certain satisfaction to having just unpacked and stowed the ingredients for delicious, heathful meals. Plus now I can sit down and enjoy a reward of Sunbutter!

  2. I love this blog. Keep up the good work.

    Mike Kraft