Saturday, August 1, 2009

Eat Clean Live Strong

What do I mean by "Eat Clean?"

So much of our food supply is processed and bloated with ingredients that our bodies don't need and can cause significant damage. Reverting back to a "paleolithic" or "caveman" way of eating can provide our bodies with whole food nutrition and ease strain on digestive organs, reduce the inclination for disease and help us feel better from the inside out. Adding in the Zone protein-carb-fat ratio and spacing meals out through the day keeps our metabolisms in peak performance. Finally, focusing on keeping our pH in check by use of foods with alkaline properties, keeps the cells healthy and the body in balance. That's what I mean by clean. Simple, readily available ingredients to assist the body in doing what it does best: keeping us healthy, happy and strong.

The coaches at Crossfit Central wanted to provide a place for recipes and general discussion on the Paleo-Zone-Alkaline way of eating. Here are some basics:

1. This is NOT a diet, this is a lifestyle change.
2. Lots of vegetables, some fruit, lean meat, NO SUGAR.
3. Emphasis on balance and variety in your nutrition will help you succeed.
4. You are what you eat, make it count. Pick organic/humanely raised whenever possible.

The plan is to collect recipes, discuss topics on eating, and showcase a new and exciting vegetable each week. Please send me articles, recipes, and any questions that you have to bring up in this blog. Our greatest resource is each other, as we are all in different stages on this journey to wellness.

Eat Clean Live Strong!

Thanks for checking it out!

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