Monday, November 23, 2009

Try This, Instead of That

I've been working on this modification post for what seems like for-evuh, and I hope I cover enough considering that Thanksgiving is officially nipping at our heels!

Here are some suggestions on modifying your favorite dishes:

1. Use honey, unsweetened applesauce, and fruit juices instead of sugar and sugar substitutes.
2. Arrowroot powder can be used in place of flour for gravies, pie fillings and other sauces.
3. Skip the marshmallows and glaze on yams. Use nutmeg, cinnamon, clove and a bit of honey.
4. Roasted acorn squash is a great side if you find yourself in a sea of no-no eating at the relatives' house! Check out this recipe, just nix the grain for cauliflower pulverized in your food processor! If you MUST use a grain, go with quinoa. It's the least offensive of the grain group, and is more closely related to leafy greens like chard.
5. Stuffing may be difficult. I posted a great recipe on making your own paleo stuffing. If this is too much, bypass the stuffing altogether for a "rice" pilaf courtesy of Mark's Daily Apple.
6. Pies and sweets will also be hard. If you make your own paleo sweet treats, do not expect them to taste like their sugar loaded doppelganger. Check out this fruit crumble, via Caveman Food. Yummy stuff. Please also review some of the recipes on this blog.

Speaking of Mark's Daily Apple, here is a great collection of low carb substitutions which you may find helpful.

Good luck kids, if you slip up don't get down about it. Wake up Friday morning, take note of how badly eating like crap makes you feel and start a new day. Be safe, and have a great holiday!

ps....please add in recipes that you find amazing in the comments! Please!

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