Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cod Fillet with Mushrooms, Marinated Artichoke Hearts and Tomato Sauce

I just made this dish this evening with a side of green beans, and it was incredible. Plate licking delicious!

*Cod Fillet (size of fillet is up to you)
*3-4 large baby porto mushrooms, sliced
*can of marinated artichoke hearts, drained slightly, use the oil already present as the fat of the meal
*small can of tomato paste, thinned into a sauce-like viscosity

1. Sear the cod fillet(s) in a large saucepan
2. Before the cod is cooked all the way through, throw in the artichoke hearts and saute for around a minute
3. Throw in mushrooms and tomato paste sauce, you want it to cover the ingredients but not be soupy
4. Reduce heat to simmer, cover and leave for around 8-10 minutes, maybe less depending on how thick the cod fillets are
5. Season with salt and pepper to taste


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