Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Heavenly Pairings

Helloo! Long time no talkie (postie?)! I hope all is well in your respective worlds. Here are some heavenly pairings for you to try on your own:

Ground Lamb + Dried Currants
Shredded Cabbage + Scrambled Eggs
Coconut Butter + Raisins
Chopped Kale + Raisins or Dried (Unsweetened) Cranberries
Bacon + Leafy Greens
Tuna + Marinated Artichoke Hearts
Tahini + Broccoli

Do you have a heavenly pairing to share? Leave it in the comments!


  1. sauteed zuchini + scrambled eggs
    sauteed italian kale + scrambled eggs
    rutabaga + coconut milk (ala Jen cardella)

  2. bacon + black coffee!
    carrots + almond butter (thank you Crystal McReynolds)