Monday, February 8, 2010

Tales From the "Duh" Files

I read this article over the weekend that had me in a full blown-360-degree-eye-roll...

“If you put on a meaningful portion size, it would scare a lot of people...”

To summarize, the FDA would like to increase common serving sizes to give consumers a more accurate idea of how much they are actually consuming...because most people don't read past the "serving size = calorie amount" to see that the serving size might be painfully small.

This excerpt caused me to almost snort my coffee all over my keyboard:

If the serving size for cookies rose to two ounces, from one ounce, for instance, some consumers might think the government was telling them it was fine to eat more.




  1. I'm pretty sure that the majority of people who take the time to read the labels know how to check the serving size. Changing the listed serving size is not going to cure overeating. Seems like the FDA is trying to look good without pissing off the Big Food companies (big surprise)

  2. that's exactly what i was thinking when i read this article. very irritating.